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Proven Unique METHOD To Massively Increase Your SALES, Search Term RANKINGS, REVIEWS, And PROFITS On Amazon


My name is Oleg and have been involved in selling on Amazon since 2013. I built and sold my own brand and helped a couple of clients to grow their sales from "zero" ground to over $1M and €2M. 

Now I'm helping Amazon sellers to build and implement proven post-purchase marketing strategy to increase number of product reviews, improve search term rankings, and bring extra sales.

I can help you set up a system that makes half of your Amazon buyers give you their emails. Every email will make you around $1 per month in additional sales. For example, if you have 50,000 orders per year, you will get around 25,000 emails and generate $25,000 in extra sales each month. At the same time, you will grow number of reviews and improve your search term rankings.

If you're interested to bring your Amazon game to a whole new level, contact me right now. Schedule a call with me and I'll explain what needs to be done.

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Stop Depending On Amazon... Implement Post Purchase Email Marketing

Our Service Include

+ Product Inserts Design

+ Email & SMS Collection Funnels Creation, Management, and Hosting

+ Customer Email List Management

+ Email Service Provider Management ​

+ Professional Email Sequences Writing ​

+ Custom Followup Emails Creation and Submission for All of Your Products ​

+ Ongoing Weekly Email Marketing To Drive Sales, Ranking, and Reviews ​

+ Holiday Email Marketing ​​

+ SMS Marketing Management ​

+ TOS Compliant Customer Opt-ins ​

+ Sell More Products ​

+ Drive More Reviews ​

+ Boost Page Rankings ​ ​

+ Generate Repeat Orders

We Help Over 320 Amazon Sellers Explode Their Sales With Post Purchase Marketing

Let's Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

You're stealing from yourself...

"Don’t sell another product or ship another order without having an effective email/SMS capture funnel in place. Every time you do, you’re stealing from yourself and from the potential value of your business now or for a future buyer. You get an additional sales channel by leveraging the customer(s) you already have without any additional marketing cost to you."

Stop depending on Amazon...

"Not having a highly converting email/sms capture funnel in place forces you to depend on the whims of platforms like Amazon to send you new buyers every day. If done correctly, you can implement a funnel that systematically creates un-ending profits over and over without paying commissions."

Stop fighting for new customers...

"With an effective customer service oriented “capture funnel” in place, every time a new sale is made in your business, you’re planting a seed that can add a real multiplier to your bottom line. Why fight for new customers every day when you can build a massive following using existing customers who’ll go out of their way to give you more and more business directly?"

Creates everlasting profits...

"Plant 'perennial profit' seeds in your business now, that you can harvest every year to come with no extra effort or marketing cost on your part! These guys create everlasting profits from your existing digital assets, all done for you so you can focus on your core business."

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